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John is a developer trapped in a designer’s body…or sometimes the other way around. Even though he designs and builds complex data-driven systems, he won’t sleep until every pixel is in its place. Because he knows that usability, look, and feel can transform an application from functional (ho-hum) to Killer. And if you want to get him going, just ask him about erroneous punctuation in national advertising.

Taking a slightly circuitous route, John found his way into technology through design. In 1992 he started his career as a advertising artist, though he was trained in computer graphics and procedural animation. During the web land-rush of the late 90s he found opportunities to meld his love of design with his fascination with technology. After a few side trips doing enterprise integration and software component product development, he teamed up with Dave Sanders to form Avenue80.

John is also the Syracuse CoWorks Community Manager, so introduce yourself if you want to learn more about coworking or getting tapped into the entrepreneurial scene in Central New York.

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