Syracuse Poster Project

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The Syracuse Poster Project, brings together community poets and Syracuse University artists to create an annual series of illustrated poetry posters.

The project enlivens the downtown, strengthens the city's sense of place, and reaches the larger community by selling small prints of the posters. Each year since its founding in 2001, the project has produced 16 unique posters. Each poster features an illustrated poem about the downtown, city or nearby countryside. Over the summer, we invite poets to write the three-line form of poetry known as haiku. By September, we typically have 75 poems by more than 30 contributors.

We add the fresh poems to poems remaining from past years and pass them to Prof. Roger DeMuth at the College of Visual and Performing Arts. DeMuth makes the project a fall assignment for Advanced Illustration students. Each of some 30 students creates an illustrated poster, using a haiku of the student's choice. We then select 16 posters that best combine poem and image. In April, the Downtown Committee of Syracuse posts full-format posters (43 x 62-inches) in the poster panels of Salina and Warren streets.

The posters remain on display for a year.

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