Where Do I Park?!

Where Do I Park?!

We get asked this question A (parking) LOT! So rather than tell everyone over and over again we thought we should finally just put it all down in one place!


In the map below we are the red dot at the corner of Warren & Jefferson. Numbered and surrounded with a border are the three parking facilities that we most commonly recommend.

 Below the map you can find their picing information as of 9/1/2017. We'll try to update the information if we get word of changes. 

Street Parking

Monday - Friday

6pm to 9am - Free

9am - 6pm $1.25/hr

Weekends: The meters say you have to pay on the weekends.

Rumor has it that there's only 1 meter maid for the whole city on the weekends...
Some people take their chances, but tickets are $40 each!

Don't want to have to go outside every 2 hours? use the Whoosh App!

Coins, Cash, and Credit accepted

Option 1: Parking Garage

 400ft from the CoWorks

Daily Rates 

Rates below are for CASH.

There is a $3 fee for paying with credit card.

0 - 1 Hour: $3

1 - 1.5 Hours: $4

1.5 - 2 Hours: $5

2 - 2.5 Hours: $6

>2.5 Hours: $6.75

Early Bird Special (in before 9am, out after 3pm): $4.75

Option 2: Parking Garage

.2 Miles from the CoWorks

Daily Rate: $5 until midnight regardless of time you arrive.









Option 3: Parking Lot 

.3 Miles from the CoWorks

Daily Rate: $3

Credit Cards Accepted

(unsure if there is a card fee)






  Monthly DAY TIME Pass (6am - 9pm ONLY): $80 +tax ($86.40) Monlthy DAY TIME Pass: $64.20 (including tax)
(+$5 set up fee first month)
Monthly DAY TIME Pass: $40
  Montly 24/7 Pass (24/7 access): $95 +tax ($102.60) Monlthy 24/7 Pass: $82.50 (including tax)
(+$5 set up fee first month)
Monthly 24/7 Pass: ?
  Contact Information: Sam (315) 278-0964 / CNYParking@yahoo.com Contact Information: Natasha (315) 471-0010 x101 NBHolaglass@spplus.com Contact info: ?