CoHealthy! CoWorking on building a healthy work-life balance!

CoHealthy! CoWorking on building a healthy work-life balance!


Pre Screening provided by Indeed Wellness - Wednesday, May 3rd 6am - 11am. This screening will give you your starting numbers for BMI, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar. This way you know what you might want to focus on!

Healthy Snacks Provided by CoWorks - Check the cabinets for snacks with stickers indicating healthy snack choices and look for the list of suggested snacks and lunches to bring from home!

Meditation - The Audio Booth can be reserved for short periods of meditation to help you clear your mind and refocus your energy. Guided meditation tracks will be available on CD and MP3.

Daily Healthy Habit Tracking - Track how well you complete 8 daily healthy habits (like drinking water, going for a walk, 5 minutes of stretching, etc). You'll earn points when you report your habits and each month, if you meet the minimum number of points you'll earn a prize that encourages you to keep up your healthy habits! You just need to earn the minimum number of points to win prizes - you don't have to compete against your fellow CoHealthy participants (but you can compare points if you want!) Prizes sponsored by Indeed Wellness and Syracuse CoWorks

Weekly Yoga sponsored by Indeed Wellness - Roof Top Yoga every Wednesday at 5:30pm. When weather doesn't permit, we'll relocate to the CoWorks.

Weekly Group Workouts at MetroFitness - We've partnered with MetroFit to do a 6-week, weekly workout class just for CoWorks Members & CommonSpace Residents. Just $15/week (must sign up for the full 6 weeks and pay 50% up front).

Discounted Gym Memberships at Metro Fittness - For $15/week you get full access to the MetroFit facilities (gym, steam room, locker room, group classes, etc). If you want to continue your membership at the end of the 6 weeks they will waive the $109 account set up fee and you'll be able to continue with the same access for just $49/mo!

Bi-Weekly Forums presented by Indeed Wellness - From healthy eating, to stress management, join us for bi-weekly discussions about ways to achieve and maintain work-life balance.

Post Screening Provided by Indeed Wellness- Wednesday, July 26th - Get your numbers again to see how they've improved since your pre-screening!